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Simple ways to boost and promote your facebook page!

1. Post Photos

 Photos can get as much as twenty times more engagement from fans!  Photos generally gain more interest from users than links. From product images, to fun staff photos, events & "Behind the Scenes", photos are a great way to interact & connect with your user community.

2. Personalize your Facebook page's URL

Facebook gives you the option to create a customized URL to feature your brand and make it more attractive to search engines.  A custom Facebook URL allows you to easily promote your business, brand or organization's presence on Facebook with a short Page address. Your Page address can be used in your marketing communications, company website and business cards. The customized web address will look something like this:

More information is available here :

3. Include link information in your YouTube videos.

If you are creating videos for youtube then there is a prime opportunity to promote your Facebook page. Just include a graphic at the end of each video telling viewers where to go + Include a link in the description of the video on the first line. 

4. Link your Facebook page's URL in your email signature

Email is arguably not as popular for marketing as it used to be, but you can still take advantage of its promotional possibilities. The email signature is the perfect place to link to your Facebook page because it gives people a chance to connect with you outside of the inbox.

5. Link to your Facebook page on your blog

If people are already visiting your website, it is very likely they are interested in seeing you on social networks as well, make sure you include links to your social network or an embedded facebook "like box".

6. Post Regularly & Effectively.

The trick is to know what your fans like and to keep them coming back for more. You don’t want fans to just Like your page and not interact with you, or worse, totally block you off their feed!

Facebook is all about interactions & user communities. Post special deals that are exclusive to Facebook users, Fun Competions, "Behind The Scenes" photos, anything you can think of that is different!
Aim to include content that is the opposite of what you would include on your website. Give your potential customers a good reason to Like your Facebook Page.

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